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Underwater photo shoot

Free Diving models underwater

I came across this on my FB feed, and wanted to share it. It’s not just an amazing underwater photo shoot, but the photographer has some important life lessons as well. Watch the short video at the bottom of the page.

The shots are amazing. Congratulations to all involved.

Check out Benjamin Von Wong’s shoot here.

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Careful what you pick up while diving

Millions of unexploded bombs lie in waters off US coast.

Just found an interesting article on Fox News about millions of unexploded bombs off the US Coast. Apparently Texas has the most close to shore, then Louisiana. Considering there’s quite a few places to go diving off Texas, including the Flower Gardens and the oil rigs, it’s good to know that there is some strange and potentially dangerous stuff out there.

So next time you’re out diving and see something interesting on the sea floor, be careful before you pick it up as a souvenir. It may be a bomb….

Here’s the article:

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Underwater Webcam in Bonaire

While at the day job today, looking at techie type sites, I found a link to something actually fun.

bonaireThere’s an underwater webcam in Bonaire. It’s about 15 meters below the surface at a dive site called “Something Special”. The local dive instructors keep it clean, so that must be fun to tune in as people are down there diving.

I always like watching webcams while I’m at work. I used to try to watch the Bra Boys surfing at Maroubra Beach in Australia, but with the time zone difference, it was normally dark. Tuning in at sunrise or sunset is pretty awesome though.

But, for those of us who’d prefer to be diving instead of sitting at our desk, maybe the Bonaire Underwater Webcam can help keep us amused. It’s gotta be better than a goldfish. Maybe I’ll have to use my second monitor to just show this….You can set the screen to refresh anywhere from 2 seconds to 5 minutes, depending on your connection. On 2 seconds, you can actually see the fish moving around.

If you’ve found any neat underwater webcams you’d like to share, let me know. We could all use an escape from the office.

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Scuba Baby

My husband and I are about the only people in our age group left that haven’t had kids. However, most of our friends are already onto their second or third. So, I’ve been out and about doing lots of baby gift buying lately.

At Target, they had adorable baby girl onesies covered in fish. Then at KidsRUs this morning, I stumbled upon the cutest theme yet for a nursery.

ocean wonders

There was a crib set, with sheets, bumper and blanket, then it moved onto everything you could think of. Play sets, high chair, swing, mobile, etc. You could do an entire nursery, plus various stuff scattered around your house. It’s a perfect gift for those who are really into scuba. Then little bub could also enjoy the fish and soothing sounds of the ocean till they’re big enough to go diving for real.

Now, since I don’t have any kids to decorate my house for, do you think I can get Fisher Price to make all this in an adult size? I could see my bedroom with the fish sheets and curtains, with matching towels in the bathroom.