Rigs to Reefs

Oct 14
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Oil rigs aren’t all bad.

Unfortunately, when most of us think of oil rigs in the ocean, we think of the BP oil spill. That was a tragedy, but oil rigs aren’t all bad.

There’s a half hour video on a website for the Gulf of Mexico foundation showing some of the good things that come from the oil rigs. This video was made possible with a grant from Shell, but they’re up front about it. There’s lots of diving offshore in Texas thanks to the Flower Gardens, the Texas Clipper and all the oil rigs.

Above the water

Below the surface


Underwater Art Exhibit

Aug 10
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Underwater Art Exhibit on the Vandenburg

I walked outside this morning and it looked like rain, which is rare for Texas right now, so I went inside to check weather.com and I saw on their homepage a scuba video!

It was an underwater art exhibit on the Vandenburg, which was the ship that David had helped to sink as part of an artificial reef in the Florida Keys a couple years ago. Sorry, you’ll have to sit through their commercial first…

It’s great to see the artificial reef getting so much use. Besides these art exhibits, the Wreck Racing League uses the Vandenburg as one of its ships to race on with Formula H2O.


Pascal Lecocq -The Divers Artist

Feb 24
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I’m not really much of an art buff. I took art in school, but I preferred making things to painting. I’ve never really enjoyed going to art galleries or museums. I find most art to be pretty boring.

Then I found Pascal Lecocq. The first time I saw his art was at the Dive Show in Houston 2 years ago. Full of breathtaking blues, with surreal scenes of Scuba Divers in various states of non-diving activities. It was breathtaking. It was mesmerizing. It was unforgettable. Pascal was easy to find at the Texas Dive Show in Dallas. A sea of blue, with people standing around, silent, gazing at his paintings. I had finally found art that I admired, that I could just stand in quiet wonder, imagining the scene if it were to come to life. It wasn’t that I didn’t like art after all, I had just never found any that I liked before.

I can imagine filling my house with his art. Pascal even has art on tiles, and I’m imagining when we finally get around to re-doing our bathroom, having several of his pieces right there in my shower, like this lucky person in Switzerland.

Pascal’s signature painting in a Diver with a flag, acting like a bullfighter with a shark.

There are many more that I like, such as the turtles piled on each other, and takes on popular culture, like the divers in the Hollywood Blvd scene.

My personal absolute favourite though, is the long thin painting of a free diver as she heads back to the surface. It evokes a silent calm to a room.

If you’re looking for something beautiful for your house, or even just a nice mug or mousepad, stop by and see Pascals work. He’s even got postcards. I might get a few of those till I can find  a place for the larger stuff…


Underwater Advisor

Feb 23
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One of the interesting people we met at the Texas Dive Show was UnderwaterAdvisor.com They are an online Scuba Directory where you can go to find out all about different dive shops, resorts, equipment and almost anything you can think of Scuba related.


While there are sites out there like Travelocity which give reviews on resorts, they don’t go into the specific Scuba detail that Underwater Advisor does. They’ll let you know what kind of air they provide, what size tanks, if breakfast is served early enough to eat before heading out to the boat and if there’s a deco chamber nearby.

People can post reviews on their local dive shop, letting you know if the staff is smart and helpful or just trying to get a bigger commission. They also list local instructors, manufacturers and the list is going.

I think it’s a great idea and a useful tool. I know I’ll be using them from now on!


Texas Dive Show – Dallas

Feb 22
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We headed up to Dallas for the Texas Dive show on Valentine’s Weekend. Driving up from San Antonio, we were worried if we would even make it into Dallas. They had just had record snow. Over 14″ of the stuff. It was not only a record for that day, but for all time. They’d never received that much snow fall in a 24hr period. We started to see snow by the time we got to Georgetown. By the time we got to Waxahachie, everything was white. snow

Thankfully, as we got to Downtown Dallas, the roads were pretty clear and not too slick. We had waited till later in the day when it was a little warmer to get through Dallas. There’s nothing worse than icy overpasses. We headed through Dallas at peak hour, but being a snow day, traffic was almost non-existent. We made our way to our hotel in Plano/Frisco, dumped our stuff and headed over to check out the Texas Dive Show.

dallas snow Walking in, the first person I saw was Dustin, a diver I had previously met in Houston at Camp CDE. He was on his way out and it was nice to see someone I knew right off the bat.

We went up to the registration desk, showed them our emails from when we had pre-registered online. They had a good deal going on where if you registered before Christmas, you could get in free. They gave us name tags, we entered into a raffle and then headed inside.

Friday night was only open from 5-8pm. We used that time to go around, see who all was there and introduce ourselves and make sure everyone was OK with being filmed.  We noticed that the Dallas show was a lot bigger than the previous ones in Houston. Matt and I then headed back to the hotel and caught some Zzzz’s after the long drive.

Next morning, we got up and headed back over to the show. I was glad we had gone over the night before, because today everyone was expecting us when we showed up with the camera. Some people were nervous, but everyone did a great job of explaining what they were there for. All the displays were nice and colourful and everyone was full of energy. It should make for a great episode. I should be done editing it this week and have it online by next.

Big thanks to Brad Nolan for letting us come up and film at his show. He did a great job on camera too! We really appreciate everyone letting us come to their booth and taking the time to talk to us. Hopefully, this will inspire people to come out to the next dive show and meet all the fabulous people we got to meet.

I will say though, I think the snow outside made the show inside even better. When you’re shivering walking in, there’s nothing better than seeing a backdrop of some tropical paradise and thinking of diving in those warm waters….


Texas Dive Show

Jan 26
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The Texas Dive Show is only a couple of weeks away now. This year they’re having the event up in Dallas.

So far over 600 divers have already registered to attend. There’s a bunch of interesting people exhibiting this year. Everything from my friends and fellow expats at About Australia who will be showcasing all the great Scuba Diving  in Australia to Cochran Computers and Single Divers. There should be everything from Individual Dive Shops, Scuba Gear and Scuba Resorts represented.

I can’t wait to go up to the Texas Dive Show. It’s on Valentine’s weekend, so it’s a good excuse to get out of town. If you’re anywhere within a few hours drive, come on over. We’ll be driving up from San Antonio.  Maybe I’ll see you there!

The Texas Dive Show is being held at the

Embassy Suites Dallas – Frisco
February Friday the 12th & Saturday the 13th
Show Hours Friday 5 PM til 8 PM
Saturday from 9 AM til 5 PM


Streamy Awards

Jan 5
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Ever heard of the Streamy Awards? It’s like the Oscars or Emmy’s but for web series. Sounds cool right? Well, if you’ve enjoyed the couple of video’s we have up so far, and would like to see us get even bigger and better, please nominate us. A nomination for Going Down could mean we get picked up by someone who can fund us to do some major filming. Then we can come to your town and go down with you.
Most of the categories are for scripted series, so Going Down would probably be in the Hosted Series category.
Thanks Heaps!


RSS Feed

Dec 9
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GDI had a request for an RSS feed on Going Down, so I think I now have one set up properly… Better go test it out and let me know if it’s working properly. Then you can keep up with the new Scuba happenings on Going Down automatically.