I joined David in Hatteras while he was up there doing a shark shoot.

I only got 2 days of diving in, as storms rolled in, making it impossible for the boats to head out. It’s easy to see why it’s called the graveyard of the Atlantic. Storms roll in out of nowhere and boats are left to the mercy of Mother Nature.

They have a nice US Coast Guard station in Hatteras. We got to meet some of the cute boys in their blue uniforms. We got a tour of the boat and heard about the role they play in rescuing divers.

We also had some fabulous food while I was there. I tried soft shell crab for the first time, which I am now constantly craving…

On one of our nights out, we got to meet local band, Hey Hey Hooligan. That’s the first video here.

We went out for some fun and got to meet the guys from Hey Hey Hooligan. Guess you had to be there, but the funniest part for us was getting to slap the Hoff!

David and I got to tour one of the “unsinkable boats” that the USCG uses to rescue people off shore.

Can you really go to the OBX and not visit the lighthouses?

David got some beautiful footage of the local sharks. Known in the US as Sand Tigers, Australia as Grey Nurse and South Africa as the Ragged Tooth, any way you look at it, they’re magnificent creatures. So beautiful and graceful and David gets up real close!

There’s some more videos to go up as I edit them. We checked out the lighthouses in the day time, went to some local restaurants, etc.


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