Scuba Diving in Texas

Here’s where we’ve been diving in Texas so far.


Texas really is a BIG state. Most people probably don’t think of Scuba when they think of Texas. If you’re like me, you think of Cowboys and Oil Rigs. I think most people forget there’s even a coastline, except in Hurricane season.
Not only is there Gulf Diving, with everything from Oil Rigs and Coral Reefs, but Texas is home to some incredible inland diving too. Whether you’re looking to experience a weekend as a Commercial Diver, do your part for the environment, dive in the largest dive specific lake in the US or do something really out there, like dive in a former nuclear missile silo, Texas is the place to be.

Camp CDE


Camp CDE is a Commercial Diving Experience Fantasy Camp. Held one weekend a year, it’s lets people experience commercial diving, including wearing those huge hats, trying to not get tangled in hoses, welding underwater and sitting in the deco chamber.

Mammoth Lake


Mammoth Lake Scuba Park in Clute, Texas, about an hour South of Houston. We went there to see them sink a C-130 into the lake, to add to the plethora of stuff at the bottom on the countries largest Scuba specific lake.

New Braunfels

Every year divers converge on the Comal River in New Braunfels to clean up after the tubing season.

Texas Dive Show


Well, we didn’t exactly go diving there, but we did get to see some neat Scuba related stuff!

San Antonio

San Antonio Riverwalk

Surprisingly, there are several SCUBA stores and places to go diving within an hour of The Alamo. This page will also give you ideas on all the other things to do when you’re not Going Down.