Texas Dive Show

TexasShowGuide2010The weekend of Valentine’s Day, Matt and I headed up to Dallas to check out the 2010 Texas Dive Show. It was moved to Dallas this years after being in Houston the last couple of years.
Dallas was experiencing the biggest snow fall in a 24hr period in recorded history. Thankfully, we made it in and got to our hotel without too much trouble.
The Texas Dive show, hosted by Dive Chronicles was bigger this year than the one I had attended previously in Houston. There was quite a few people I had not met before, although walking in, the first person I saw was Dustin, who I had met at Camp CDE in Houston.
The best thing about going to the Dive Show during a snow storm is all the warm tropical places seem so inviting. Everyone had beautiful displays of island paradises.

Paul from About Australia told me to make sure I visited Alex at her booth. It’s always nice to see your homeland represented…
The Texas Dive Show in Dallas was really busy this year. I guess a lot of other people were also dreaming of a tropical scuba vacation after a long cold winter.

Some of my favourite things from the 2010 Texas Dive Show were: It’s always fun to see Kamala in her blue wig. I can’t wait to take a trip with her group. She’s so full of energy!
About Australia Diving
Call it patriotism, but I love it when a mate of mine is doing so well.
Pascal Lecocq
I LOVE Pascal’s art, and his french accent is fun too.
A great concept for a website. It’s a Scuba directory and review site just for Scuba Diving.
I got to try on these cool masks from Ocean Technology Systems. They have walkie talkies in them so you can communicate underwater!

The last one is close to my heart, SUDS.  Soldiers Undertaking Disabled Scuba helps disabled soldiers improve their quality of life by getting them involved in Scuba Diving. If you’re looking for a worthwhile charity, this is a great one to consider giving to.


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