Every summer in the blazing heat of Texas, there’s something people really get into. Amazingly, it’s not diving. People love to tube down the ice cold Comal and Guadalupe Rivers. For about 4 solid months, the rivers are jam packed full of people floating down the river. They’ve got stereos, dogs, kids and most importantly, coolers full of beer and maybe some food.

At the end of the tubing season, the poor river is a mess. All the drunken party people on the river lose all kinds of stuff, including shoes, glasses, clothes and more than anything else, their trash.

So, every year in October, the Scuba Divers come together to clean up the river. They make a big day of it. It’s a huge social event, where people can meet other divers, do some good for the environment and then enjoy a BBQ together at the end of the day. As an extra incentive to get people to collect as much trash as possible, there are a variety of competitions. Things like, weirdest item, heaviest weight, most cans, etc.
In the evening, over BBQ and beer, the prizes are handed out.

If you’d like to participate in the fun at Trashfest, you can find out more information from the official TrashFest website. Get a team together and do some diving good!


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