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In order to make Going Down possible, we’re looking for Sponsors and Advertising Partners.

The end goal of Going Down is a succesful Web Series as well as a Half Hour Television Series that can be offered to networks for aquisition.

We went Diving with: Your name here
We went Diving with: Your company

In each location, we’d like to explore not only a Scuba Diving Destination, but all the other adventures to be had in that area. Nobody walks into a new city and just goes diving. So we’re looking for Dive Shops, Dive Boat Operators, Hotels, Restaurants, Shops, City CVB’s and Tourism Councils who would like to get some exposure on the internet and TV.

Hotel Accomodations in this episode:
Hotel Accomodations in this Episode: Your Hotel

With so many people now logging on to the Internet to watch video, we feel that a Web Series is a move in the right direction. It allows people to watch episodes 24/7. That means people can see your product or service at any time. They don’t have to wait for the network to play an episode at 2am. A Web Series also means your viewership is Universal. It’s not limited to the 1 million people who subscribe to that cable channel. Of course, everyone dreams of being on TV, and we all love Travel Channel and Discovery Networks, so we’ll be making a full 1/2 hr series to offer to these kind of stations.

scuba dinner
We had Dinner at: Your Restaurant

The web also allows us to provide information and links to your company. Instead of trying to read the credits at the end of a show, we’ll have a blurb about you on the relevant webisode page, as well as a link back to you. This is also great for your SEO campaign.

Each location will be broken into several small webisodes. We’ll highlight the destination City/Town, including accomodations, places to eat, places to party and hang out. We’ll go diving with a local dive operator, we hope to do some education about different certifications and if possible, a local Dive related charity/Club/Organization or Eco Foundation. We’re also interested in people with awesome Scuba related jobs to interview.

If you would like to be featured on Going Down, please contact us. Your accountant will help you write off any cash sponsorships or in kind donations as a Advertising Expense. Letting people see your company on video is much more effective than a Cost Per Click internet campaign. It’s also much cheaper than television or print advertising. So whether you’re a big car company who’d like to wrap a truck for us to drive everywhere, and get a link on each page, or you’re just a local RV park owner who’d like to give a place to pull in for the night and be featured on that episode page, we’d love to hear from you.

We stayed warm with westuits from O'Neill

This is going to be a fun show. It’s a true travel show in the spirit of Samantha Brown or Anthony Bourdain. It’s not a boring PBS educational series. Divers are exciting people, we hope to make Going Down a series that reflects that.