Camp CDE

Picture 081The Camp CDE page is up. Last year I got to go spend the weekend at Camp CDE, a Commercial Diving Experience Fantasy Camp in Houston, TX. Even though I had a mild panic attack because David couldn’t make it at the last minute, my local hire cameraman did show up, and the Camp CDE people had the underwater remotely operated vehicle that had a camera inside, so I was able to get underwater footage from that. It’s kinda important in a scuba show to have underwater footage, right?

The weekend was amazing. There were people who came in from all over the US, and even a couple from Taiwan. (One of the couple was a US Expat living over there) Everyone had a great time meeting new people, trying out a new skill and bonding over shared experiences.

I got to share some of my underwater and decompression tank time with Travis Marshall, a journalist from Scuba Diving magazine. He’s got a dream job. Getting paid to travel to great scuba locations and then write about it. He’s the guy in the deep tank helping me pull apart the dive platform. He also kept me from losing it in the deco chamber. (Thanks Travis!) I didn’t think I had a phobia of small spaces, but I nearly went nuts in the deco chamber. I’ll always listen to my dive computer so I never have to go in one again! But, I’d never make it as a Commercial Diver, since they use them all the time.

I think Camp CDE was one of the most unique experiences I’ve ever had. I’m so glad I got to do it. Big thanks to everyone at Camp CDE for letting me come out and film.