Added a Forum

Dec 2
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In the last couple of days we’ve had so many visitors to the new website. I always wanted this to be an interactive forum and get feedback from everyone, so today I’ve created a Discussion Forum. In the interests of it not being taken over by people flogging off viagra or get rich quick schemes, you will have to register, but it’s super easy. You don’t even need to wait to be approved. Just go make yourself an account and a password will be sent to you.

So make yourself at home and get to know your fellow dive enthusiasts!


Starting Over on Going Down Online

Nov 18
Posted by Sarah Filed in destinations

We’re re-doing the Going Down website. We’ve changed direction; we’re now focusing on becoming a web series. Hopefully, you’ll be able to sit at work dreaming of Scuba Diving, and now you can just hop on over to Going Down Online and see a new scuba destination. We’ve got a bunch of footage in the can, ready to be edited. I need to make an image map, so you can click on a scuba flag and it will take you to that Scuba Diving destination.

I’m looking into some new places to go visit. Currently I’m in San Antonio, so if you’ve got a great local diving destination near San Antonio, I’d love to hear about it. Then we can come film the diving action and let everyone else see it too! We’re interested in what you do for the whole weekend. So dive bars, dive hotels, dive restaurants, dive clubs, the whole enchilada.

So stay tuned for some new dive destinations on Going Down Online.