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Scuba Baby

My husband and I are about the only people in our age group left that haven’t had kids. However, most of our friends are already onto their second or third. So, I’ve been out and about doing lots of baby gift buying lately.

At Target, they had adorable baby girl onesies covered in fish. Then at KidsRUs this morning, I stumbled upon the cutest theme yet for a nursery.

ocean wonders

There was a crib set, with sheets, bumper and blanket, then it moved onto everything you could think of. Play sets, high chair, swing, mobile, etc. You could do an entire nursery, plus various stuff scattered around your house. It’s a perfect gift for those who are really into scuba. Then little bub could also enjoy the fish and soothing sounds of the ocean till they’re big enough to go diving for real.

Now, since I don’t have any kids to decorate my house for, do you think I can get Fisher Price to make all this in an adult size? I could see my bedroom with the fish sheets and curtains, with matching towels in the bathroom.